Self-Care Event

Self-Care Workshop For Beginners

Guilt-Free Self-Care Workshops for learning and practicing self-care
Self-Care Workshop For Beginners
Thursday, October 21, 2021
5:30pm - 7:00pm PST
This is a virtual self-care event
$ 25.00 CDN (click for approx $USD)

If you want to learn self-care but aren’t quite sure what it means, why you need it nor how to do it, our virtual Guilt-Free Self-Care Workshop For Beginners is for you.

This introductory virtual workshop will help you get started on your self-care journey in a compassionate, collaborative online environment. We’ll start at the beginning, answering all your questions about self-care. We’ll create clarity about what it even means in the first place, and then dive into how it would look in your own life.

Through instruction and participation in our Guilt-Free Self-Care Workshop For Beginners, you’ll:

  • discover what self-care is… and what it isn’t
  • learn what it means to care for yourself in everyday life
  • uncover your personal barriers to self-care
  • explore new ways of overcoming barriers
  • create a practical, sustainable self-care plan just for you

Using evidence-based, researched strategies, we’ll take the mystery out of self-care and show you exactly how you can use it to move forward in your life in a balanced, creative way.

We’ll touch on topics like personal boundaries, creating space for self-care, feeling guilty about caring for yourself, and so much more.

This workshop is offered via Zoom. You’ll need to have paper or a journal ready to use for personal notes and some fun exercises. On registration, you’ll receive further instructions to make your Guilt-Free Self-Care Workshop experience as helpful and encouraging as possible for all.

This workshop is for ages 18+ from all walks of life. All our events are offered in an intentionally-created environment of support, encouragement, inclusion and respect.

We keep our numbers of participants to 10-12 people so you are more likely to get what you need from our workshop. You’ll have room to learn how to apply the principles of self-care in your own specific circumstances.

Whether you’re grieving a loss, in recovery from addiction, going through a major life change, experiencing major illness or divorce, your child is leaving home for the last time, or you are a child leaving home for the first time, learning about self-care can be transformative, helping you move through this stage of your life in a balanced, meaningful way.

Self-care isn’t selfish. It’s a necessity.

Please join us in this Guilt-Free Self-Care Workshop. We look forward to having you.