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And They Sang

singing bowl

Friends playing singing bowls together. Beautiful. Even the animals were enchanted.

A friend and I have tried to play singing bowls. Neither of us have been able to play them before… none would sing in our hands. We’ve tried separately, apart, with others in the room. Never would the bowls sing.

Until today.

Friends together in the brilliant sunshine, warm healthy bread, soothing beverages. Friendship. Out came the bowls and within minutes, for the first time ever we each picked up a mallet and were able to play the bowls flawlessly. Amazing.

Deep resonance settling into my belly, my heart, my head. Lovely. Powerful. Enchanting. Other-worldly.

In sync with ourselves and each other, we played the bowls together. What a gift, a healing gift.

The dog sat between us as we played, the horses were curious, and deer began to come out of the woods to us.


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