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Go Where The Energy Is

Go where the energy is

Going where the energy is means relaxing into whatever is happening and allowing things to unfold.

Moments of wondrous silence in the awakening dawn. I go where the energy is. Breathing into the freshly dampened air, witnessing cotton-ball remains of rain clouds dissolving into bright blue morning sky.

Opportunities for change presenting themselves rapidly in my life, each one jumping onto center stage, dancing wildly in front of me, taunting me, daring me to let go of what is comfortable to make room for unknown possibilities.

My mind begins to whirl, wanting to assess and plan and figure things out. I become excited yet slightly fearful, walking the razor’s edge between excitement and anxiety.

I breathe instead. Inhale calm, exhale frantic. Inhale trust that I’m right where I’m supposed to be, exhale “but where the hell am I???” Inhale gentleness, exhale confusion. Inhale peace, exhale mistrust.

The simple action of breathing brings a deep realization that scrambling to find answers is unnecessary. Everything is happening in it’s own perfect timing right now, in this moment.

A shift into clarity of mind and heart.

I relax into the unfolding, emerging experience with curiosity. Become teachable – be the student, open to newness and the wonder of learning.

Release resistance, and go where the energy is. Move toward ease and flow. Enjoy deep knowing that change does not create problems – my resistance to it does.

BE fully present. Bring my whole self into the experience.

Show up for life.

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