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Stillness Before The Storm

Stillness before the storm: trees under stormclouds

Pausing a moment in silence, there’s a tangible, palpable quieting of energy in the air just before the storm.

A day of rest, slow movement, release of thoughts, and introspection comes to a close with the scent of summer dusk before a rain. The stillness before the storm.

Enchanting cacophony of birdsong as the feathered ones take cover from the impending downpour. Winds whirl, a chill moves in, winged and four-leggeds scamper to take cover.

And then…

Nothing. No rain. No storm. Just stillness once again.

I observe and feel joy for the cool clarity of evening.

I am learning to carry what is on my shoulders in a different way, and the weather reflects my willingness to change in the moment – to react in a different way than is expected.

Remain in peace, in each moment.

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