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Stillness in the Fog

stillness in the fog

Walking in a world of solitude and inner silence. Nodding at others in their own silent worlds through the mists in quiet reverence.

Low tide tenderly blanketed in enchanting fog. The haunting call of a single seagull in the distance. I inhale deeply the cool autumn ocean air.

A lone walk made more solitary by the wafting mists. Others walking in their own quiet worlds, a simple nod or quiet hello in reverence for this silent stillness in the fog.

I am quiet inside, deeply grateful that I live in this place – that my daily walk includes the beauty of this beach, this ocean, the changing tides and ever shifting weather.

The peace I have found here reflects a peace that I have found inside. My own sense of inner silence.

I recall not too long ago looking back on my recent ten or so years and realizing that I’ve had enough of crisis… I am damn ready for a happy ending.

Instead, I’ve come into an absolutely amazing, contented, settled, non-dramatic, happy beginning.

So thankful.

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