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The Cool of Solitude

The cool of solitude

Quote from the book Stillness by Richard Mahler, where he writes about a journey to live intentionally for a year in solitude with just self and journal.

The cool of solitude is necessary for deeper introspection and contemplation.

It’s a refreshing time, cooling down the heat of personal interactions, family, working relationships, and even just the buzz of community movement in the natural flow of things.

Without solitude and silence, we can lose our sense of balance in the world.

“She sat down alone, in the cool of solitude, and let her spirit come trickling back to her.”

~ Richard Mahler, Stillness

Purposeful, intentional seeking of solitude.

Once found, relax into the silence. Don’t try to relax. Just sink back into it like slipping into a warm bath.

And then… just stay there in mindful silence. Be with yourself.

Allow your spirit to come trickling back.

Deep peace.


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