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What Is Inner Silence?

Inner silence: being at peace

Inner silence is a deep calm of mind and spirit. A sense of stability within. Emotional intelligence.

Inner silence. In a world that glorifies busy, full of angst, bravado, chaos and constant activity, there is seldom room for self-reflection, contemplation or being present.

Always more, come over here, do this thing, you’ll be better if you buy this product, you’re missing out if you don’t check your Facebook all day.

What is inner silence?

Inner silence is an intentionally cultivated choice of stillness within. It is absence of automatic, unconscious or subconscious reaction to thoughts or feelings.

A foundation with which we’re able to approach life with greater honesty, respect, patience, understanding, compassion, kindness and fairness.

Inner silence gives us a sense of stability within, a deep calm of mind and spirit and emotional intelligence, no matter what is happening around us.

What is the purpose of cultivating it?

A person who feels pulled and stretched, overwhelmed and frantically busy, physically and mentally, is not likely to be in the most capable position to have clarity, vitality and independence.

How does it happen?

Intentionally cultivate it.


Choice in the face of whirling mind

Being observant of the world around us




Mindfulness in the moment keeps us from drama, regret or anxiety of past and future.

Self-care is a tool that leads to quieter manner.


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