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Ebb and Flow: Natural Cycles of Creativity

ebb and flow: the cycles of creativity

Some people are consistent, long-term goal kind of people. Some of us are more ebb and flow kind of people. Both are equally of value in the world.

The ebb and flow of creativity… a beautiful, organic process.

I move from one creation to another easily and with happiness. Ideas come swiftly. I embrace them, bathe in them, fully immerse myself in the absolute delight of creating from them, new and exciting. Enthusiasm overwhelms me and I’m lost into exhilaration. I go at it until it feels done.

And then… I move onto the next thing.

This blog has been an experiment, a witness if you will.  A testament to my own cycles of creativity. Not only are my posts touching on random topics, they also flow from my fingers on a random timetable.

For years I’ve felt an immense guilt over my apparent lack of desire to continue projects long term and with consistency. Especially in my work life. Frustrated clients with whom I tried to maintain consistency and ended up burning myself out and disappointing them.

I was trying to be something I’m not.

I even wrote a post about the whole thing here.

Thing is, I loved setting up this blog.  I love the idea of having a place for my ideas to burble out like a fountain into the world without expectation. I love the potential for witnessing your comments and ideas.

But I rarely post to it now, not because I don’t want to but because my mind has a million other ideas that regularly spring out from the depths in a wild, primal dance for my attention. Other big, enthusiastic pushes toward other creative projects that excite, enliven and nurture.

Hmmmm, interesting – this looking inward stuff.

I haven’t really found anyone else who speaks of being a short-term project person.

Am I alone in this?


THE CONVERSATION: Let's Talk About Ebb and Flow: Natural Cycles of Creativity

The ideas on this site may touch something inside that makes you go, "Aha! Yes!" Some may irritate you because they don't apply or you don't agree.

Both are equally valuable.

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  • I am a short term project person. I love imagining and starting and that’s it. I love the creation aspect of something (ideas, dreaming) but don’t care for the end (almost seems like destruction of some sort). Funny enough, I just started a blog to challenge myself in sticking with something that isn’t work related. This was a great post to read, glad I found your blog.

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