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Let’s Talk Sacred, Creative Space at Work

Let's talk sacred, creative space at work

Work space that enhances the creative process is not a luxury, it is a necessity in my professional life.

I’m so excited!  I’ve been presented with an opportunity to create a new space for my creativity – yippee!

And I don’t mean just moving things around in the space that I’ve been.  (I did that several months ago – turned my office into a studio.  Loved that!)  I mean there’s a whole new, open blank canvas in front of me on which to paint a brand spankin’ new sacred, creative space for myself.

Anyone who knows me gets that I’m big on sacred space. Adore it. Embrace it every day in a huge ol’ bear hug.

Sacred space is as necessary to my well-being, personally and professionally, as breathing. It’s the container in which I’m able to Be in stillness – a comforting cocoon where the source of my creativity is free to emerge. Without sacred creative space, I shrivel.  Period.

Transition is opportunity

Since this amazing opportunity (which first presented itself in the disguise of a major disaster, by the way) has come calling at my door, I’ve been doing some pondering.  I’m energized – no, electrified –  by the realization (real-eyes-ation) that I am standing in an open doorway looking out to the most beautiful horizon of expansive, spacious, endless possibilities stretching further than the eye can see!

I’m in a time of transition, and this opportunity for changing my surroundings is an outward expression of all that is changing within me.  And what is around me inspires and informs my inner journey in return.

As I contemplated my own exciting path and this recent opportunity to create new sacred creative work space, I wondered: what do others’ creative spaces look like?  A creative studio – what’s in it?

So I ask you, what’s your creative space like?

Do you immerse yourself in your sacred workspace in an office, a studio, a corner of your bedroom, a quaint little cafe?

What are your absolute essentials for your sacred, creative space?  What does it feel like?  Look like?  Smell like?  Sound like?

What makes it yours?  What makes it sacred?

I’m over-the-moon delighted to hear your comments below about your sacred creative space as I prepare to re-create my own!

THE CONVERSATION: Let's Talk About Let’s Talk Sacred, Creative Space at Work

The ideas on this site may touch something inside that makes you go, "Aha! Yes!" Some may irritate you because they don't apply or you don't agree.

Both are equally valuable.

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  • Dear Renee,

    I just came across your website and feel excited by what you are doing. Let me answer here your question about Sacred Space. I am an intuitive artist, writer, and originator of something called the Genesis Cards. Here in Tokyo where space is small I’ve learned to value these elements: good (southeast or southwest) sunlight, a view of nature, peace and quiet in the outdoor surroundings, proximity to the kitchen kettle, Ikea shelving for keeping art supplies and books well organized, and space to welcome visitors as well. But more than having the setup I’ve discovered the constant challenge is to value my beautiful space enough to give it priority in my day. My workspace is a tatami mat room with beige stucco walls and shoji screens. I share it with my two kids when they are not in school so ideally it’s while they are gone that I get to enjoy it for myself. It’s so easy to take it for granted or save its use for special occasions.

    Slightly chaotic means it is well used! I look forward to hearing from you.

    All the best,


  • Mmm, Liane, I love that you started out with awareness of sunlight! So wonderful to incorporate all the other elements that are so important to you into your sacred space. It sounds so nurturing and soothing.

    I find that if I don’t prioritize my own care for at least a portion of each day, I end up bringing depletion instead of vibrance and authenticity to my world. Even if it’s a small space or shared with others, it’s so important for me to claim it as my own for gentle self-care on a regular basis.

    Thanks for your sharing! Lovely to read.

  • Sacred space is a subject near and dear to my heart as well Renee. For that reason, I have my own bedroom! Some day I’ll explore that subject in an article i.e. couples with separate bedrooms. In the meantime, I so enjoy waking up in my own space, like my own little cabin, so I can recall my dreams, write in my journal, muse. There’s plenty of room for dance and movement in my room and there is a closet full of art supplies. Right in front of the window, is a table with goddesses, a candle, sage to burn and other sacred objects. I do have an office down the hall but it is in my room that I get to just be. It’s where I like to connect to friends as well – spirit guides – and also friends I call on the phone. I can sit and look out at the arbutus and Douglas firs and make heart to heart connections.

    • Renee LeBlanc says:

      Sacred space is such a personal, intimate thing, and I completely understand about having separate bedrooms. What a gift to have your own personal sanctuary to nurture your needs, whether they are to dance and move, to immerse yourself in artful activities, or to just sit and simply BE. Feels like a great big “Ahhhhhh…..”

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