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Finding Mindfulness in a Downpour

Finding mindfulness in a downpour

I stop everything, bringing my attention easily from what I was doing to the experience of a sudden downpour.

I’ve found mindfulness in sudden downpour.

Summer storm pummels raindrops to the ground in a heavy blanket of near-solid water.   I stop what I’m doing to simply observe this powerful, amazing force of nature.

Listening to the tap-dancing of hail on the skylights and the distant rumblings of thunder in the distance.  For a few moments, I am completely in the here and now as this downpour commands my complete attention and awe.

Do I really need a sudden downpour, or any other event, to break my busy-ness and bring my attention into the moment?

I am reminded to take moments throughout my days in peaceful observance of Now.  Not doing, just BEing in the moment.

Then I can be still.

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