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Integration: How ONE Came To Be

integration: how ONE came to be

A look back a few years to the transformation ONE went through in 2013.

I’ve been blogging for years on various websites of my own design, and for various reasons.

Each blog captured a piece of my personality, offering me a forum in which to celebrate each facet of my Self.

In a dry-humor kinda mood? There was a blog for that. Feeling pensive and serene? Blog for that. Want to inspire others in my professional life? Yep, there was a blog for that too.

I really couldn’t see how silliness and stillness could co-exist. Introspection and exuberance seemed to clash. Professional and personal lives shouldn’t mix.

Well… at least, that’s what I thought. Turns out, boy was I wrong.

So, this is it… my brand new blog… ONE blog… with posts from my collection of articles imported and intermingled for your viewing pleasure.

I’ve left my professional blog posts hidden for now. I’m on leave from my work life, potentially permanently, so they may or may not appear here in future.

The important thing is that I am no longer fragmenting myself to the world. I’m celebrating my wholeness and completeness through this online journey.

It’s not like I post often anyway.

Still, it’s good to make a conscious decision to bring it all over here. Let me know what you think.

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