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What Is True Forgiveness?

What is true forgiveness?

Forgiveness doesn’t come from a place of superiority nor judgement. It’s a genuine gesture of compassion and understanding.

Beautiful, clear autumn morning.  Sun rising with an amazingly inspiring flourish of orange-gold and purple over the forest of changing leaves.

These morning moments have become so rare for me lately.  I envelop myself in them, cradled in the comfort of familiar silent solitude.

In the quietness, a fleeting thought – it is not events that have happened that make us the walking wounded; it is our lack of forgiveness of them that keeps us in pain.

Forgiveness does not come from a place of superiority or judgement.  “I have seen your actions and judged them.  They are not up to my high standards, but I’ll let it slide this time.

True forgiveness involves acceptance, understanding and compassion.  Connection with another being.  Humility and gentle thinking.

Forgiveness… a path of compassionate understanding.

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