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Feeling Everything: Being Okay With Feelings

Feeling everything: being okay with your feelings

I welcome sweeter, softer feelings, yet resist the harsher ones. What if I could relax into them all? What if there were no such things as good or bad… feelings just are?

I close my eyes atop this little mountain.

Feelings flow freely. Gratitude, anger, love, helplessness. A seemingly random mesh of emotions as my mind flits about, dancing from aggravating memories of long ago to delicious thoughts from just this morning.

I watch silently. And I feel at complete peace with them all. Mindfulness. Acceptance. Curiosity, even.

Awareness of how easy it is to relax into sweeter, softer feelings, and so much resistance to the harsher emotions. What if I could relax into them all? What if there were no such things as good or bad… the feelings just are?

Completely abandon myself into the feelings, full acceptance of whatever comes up in the moment. Exactly as I am supposed to be right now.

Embrace them, soften to them, stop judging them. Invite them to tea and ask what they’re trying to tell me. Then quietly listen for the answer.

If a problem can be solved there is no need to worry, and if it cannot be solved there is no use in worrying.

Watch. Wait. Trust. Let it play out.

Come back into now. Be where my feet are. What do I know to be true in this moment?

Gentle acceptance. Breathe into the experience.

Be still with my feelings. Notice them. Observe them, like clouds making their way across the sky. No judgement, no right or wrong. Just being.

Stillness within. Inner silence.

And I return to a place of gratitude for this rich experience of life.

I am feeling everything. I’m okay with my feelings.

Inner peace.

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