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Letting Go Of Attachments

Questioning attachment: why do I cling to stuff?

Time to let go of my attachment. Why am I keeping this stuff?

Time to release old attachments and embrace new. Is there a difference?

I pack my things and real-eyes the absurdity in moving so much ‘stuff’ from here to there.

Of each item I ask, “Why am I clinging to this stuff?”  I am attached to some, others are merely conveniences.

The important thing is that I recognize my attachments for the illusion that they are.

Instead, I choose to travel lightly and mindfully upon this earth… always, and all ways.

THE CONVERSATION: Let's Talk About Letting Go Of Attachments

The ideas on this site may touch something inside that makes you go, "Aha! Yes!" Some may irritate you because they don't apply or you don't agree.

Both are equally valuable.

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