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How to Wash Worrys Away

How To Wash Worrys Away

My daughter has always been one of the most kindhearted, sweet people I know. Even grown, she still amazes me with her genuine kindness.

One day when she was around 5 years old, my daughter came into my office on a day when I was particularly stressed out and feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders.

I hadn’t shared with her how I was feeling, but she quietly placed this piece of paper in front of me and said softly,

“I thought you’d like this, Mom.”

By my daughter in all her beautiful wisdom:

1) get a friend

2) take a shower

3) go for a walk

4) listen to music

5) there is no number 5. (No, really. Look at the picture.)

6) get a hug

7) express feelings


From the mouths of babes, a heartfelt and touching reminder of how to wash worrys (worries) away.

I am so grateful to have this beautiful young woman as my daughter.


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