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Most Useful Life Lessons

Life's most useful lessons

Sometimes I find some writing I’ve done in the past, and reading it feels just like taking in something new.

Awhile ago I was asked this question:
What have been the most useful life lessons you’ve picked up over the years?

I have just re-read my reply, and it reached right into my soul. A spirit-gift to myself.

1) The nature of impermanence. Things will always pass. Good or bad, they’ll always pass. Appreciate each moment for the good it brings. (And the good it brings may not always be apparent until much later – just wait. It also may not seem good at first, like your life is turning upside down – just wait.)

2) Live consciously. Don’t make a mess in the first place, and you won’t have to clean it up later. (Literally and figuratively.)

3) We teach others how to treat us. Don’t see yourself as a victim to toxic people in life; see yourself as a volunteer. In other words, if you’re eating a shit sandwich, chances are you ordered it. We can’t control others’ actions but we are 100% responsible for controlling our responses to them.

4) Rule 62. (Don’t take yourself so seriously.)

Huh, interesting. Reminds me of Sheldon Kopp’s Eschatological Laundry List.

So, tell me… what are YOUR most useful life lessons?

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