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Good or Bad: Who’s Right?

Good or bad... who's right?

Good and bad are just labels for our subjective opinions. They aren’t the truth. They’re just opinions.

Is there a need to cling to the labels ‘good’ and ‘bad’ that we attach to things?

I have been faced with opening myself up to alternate perspectives, different thoughts, unique ideas.

When I think about it, attachment to my own perspectives have lead me into deepest despair.

How naive can I be to assume that my own perspective, this one human being in a sea of billions, is the only valid viewpoint?  Wow.  Time for a reality check.

Imagine you and I sitting at a table together.  On the table between us is a vase. While you think it’s the most beautiful vase you’ve ever seen, I could think it’s the ugliest vase in the history of vases everywhere.

Who’s right?

Neither... it’s just a vase.

So I consider my own perspectives and my attachment to them.

When challenges arise, I can jump to the worst conclusions, get carried off with what if’s, make problems out to be bigger and more important than they really are.  (Commonly known as pole-vaulting over mouse shit.)

Instead of indulging in that drama and chaos, there is another option: using mindfulness to observe from a removed perspective and see the situation for what it is, not the labels I give it.

We, as humans, seem to have a need for labeling good and bad. Maybe it gives us a sense of control.

In reality, things just ARE.

My opinion about the facts of the situation don’t change the situation itself. It still is what it is.

Looking from that perspective, all is well and manageable.

Even without the labels.

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