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Practice Listening: Mindful 2 Minutes

2-minute practice: Listen

No time to stop or slow down for awhile? This 2-minute practice can help give you little boosts through the day.

No time is too short to take a mindful break and practice listening to your inner voice.

Now… pause.

Turn away, just for a few minutes, from whatever you’re doing.

Sit in another place if you can. Or just turn in your seat.

Inhale deeply.

Allow any tension in your shoulders to soften.

Let yourself be still.

Everything can wait.

Bring your focus to a sound around you.

There may be many sounds at once.

Choose just one. Any one.

Bring your focus to just that one sound.

Really listen to it.

Let it wash over you.

Let yourself be lost in the sound, just for a moment.

Feel your body relax as you practice listening with mindfulness.


Deep peace.

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