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Shining Light Into The Darkest Corners

Shining light into the darkest corners

The simple act of writing a fear down transforms it into something which I can now choose to respond to… or not.

Nightmares, of the waking and slumber varieties, tend to lose their hold over me after shining light into the darkest corners.

Feelings unexpressed in waking hours come to the surface in dreamtime. I often dream of the worst of my fears, terrified as if they were actually happening. At one time I would try to push the memory away upon awakening. Distract myself from thinking about the terrors.

But I’ve come to realize what once were nightmares now are great blessings. Tools in my arsenal to help bring me to greater self-awareness in waking hours.

Instead of running from them, I take up a pen and write out every detail of the nightmares that I can remember. Let the pen scurry unedited across the page until the dream has been unfolded.

The simple act of writing it changes something. My willingness to look at it comes easier because the unknown and scary is now in full consciousness.

“All evil is like a nightmare; the instant you stir under it, the evil is gone.”
~ Thomas Carlyle

I can choose to look further at the terrors, or I can move forward into the day mindfulness instead of blindly scurrying to keep a step ahead of my own worst fears.

Either way, I’m freed of the imagined chains of night terror.

A wise woman once offered me this wisdom, “Make a friend of the horror.” Instead of running, I simply turn and face my fears with integrity, shining light into the darkest corners.

Funny thing when I shine light on monsters: they’re not nearly as ugly nor powerful as I thought they’d be.


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